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The main goal of Sunglass is to connect small businesses with the technical community. In the process of that, we also want to create a valuable resource for engineers, software developers, designers, among others in the community to gain exposure and earn extra cash.

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New Mission: Sunglass Site

Sunglass’ mission is to provide the online technical community the best resources to make their lives easier, so they can spend less time on researching or finding work, and more time doing the things they love like designing and building. In order to do that, Sunglass is committed to being the best resource for businesses as well. We guarantee all the work here and we never charge until our customers are completely satisfied. started out as a web destination for CAD designers and users to collaborate on a simple, elegant platform. Today, Sunglass is now a resource tool for the engineering community to learn and continue to collaborate.

Please feel free to reach out and contact us as we continue to build up our resources with any suggestions or concerns.

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